TOKYO — American Connor Fields, a medal favorite in BMX cycling, was taken off the course on a stretcher Friday after crashing during a semifinal heat in men’s racing at the Tokyo Olympics

He was loaded into an ambulance and taken to a hospital for treatment, according to BMX USA spokesperson Katie Swope. There was no immediate update on his condition, Swope said.

The crash took place on the first turn of the race. Fields was in second place when his front wheel appeared to catch the back wheel of the leader, France’s Romain Mahieu. Fields crashed to the ground and two other riders fell over him.

Earlier, during a women’s semifinal race, Australian star Saya Sakakibara was taken off the course on a stretcher after crashing. She was clipped from behind by American Alise Willoughby

Fields, 28, also was the Olympic gold medalist in 2016 at the Rio Games and a contender to win gold again here.

He had qualified for the finals despite the scary crash.

Fields made his Olympic debut at the 2012 London Games, where he finished seventh overall.

By Harry