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teeth Jeopardy! Do you make the right choice?

question: I’m interested in your reaction to Latest report It Jeopardy!Executive Producer Mike Richards Is a front runner who is presumed to take over as a host full time.My personal choice from the guest host was either Ken Jennings also LeVar BurtonHowever, it is interesting that after bringing in all the names, the person they finally went with is by far the least known of all of them.

I looked up some of Richards’ YouTube clips because I hadn’t seen him for some time during his own guest hosting period and forgot that he was introduced as “Executive Producer” at the top of the show. JeopardyNot as a “guest host” like everything else. ” For now, let’s assume the transaction is complete and it’s Richards. They called him ” Jeopardy?? If you can go with him and keep calling him a producer, Alex can be the only person ever identified as a “host” by Johnny Gilbert. That would be nice. Of course, technically Richards will be the host, but changing his title in the introduction would be a great kind of respect for Alex. — — Jake

Matt Lausch: First of all, anyone who gets a job will be announced as a “host”. Because something else makes the water muddy. (Most viewers probably don’t care who the producer is.) It’s still unclear if Mike Richards will keep his executive title if he’s late for the podium full-time. Backlash No matter who is chosen, I’m not surprised at all Jeopardy! May keep things in-house. With very few exceptions (especially LeVar Burton), I’ve been saying this, but I didn’t see these guest hosting gigs as auditions.Most of the stations I filled out already had a job and were excited to intervene to honor them. Alex trebek And the show he has led for a long time.

My first reaction to Mike Richards news was Jeopardy! It was the least unpleasant and, in a sense, the least interesting way to fill this attention-grabbing position. That may be the point.For months Jeopardy! After Alex’s premature death, he welcomed guest hosts to end the season. My mail bag was full of kneeling feedback. Stunts as a sincere effort to get your beloved show on track until next season could represent a new start. (As a record, most of the feedback during Richards’ stint was positive.) Many people inevitably consider this a contest, but all these conclusions are if you’re looking at it. Jeopardy! For the host, you are looking at it for the wrong reason. It’s been Alex Trebek’s philosophy, and Richards works better at it than anyone else.

Gross out gossip Girl

question: Did you have a more vulgar show? gossip Girl?? I know the original wasn’t the most enlightening show, but most of the time it was fun. HBO Max gossip Girl Rebooting is boring, mean, and boring.I know some of the original GG The character was mean, fun and ambitious, but everyone in this remake is vulgar. I know I’m old (32), but teenagers aren’t this evil. I haven’t earned producer points. Another HBO Max show, General + IonNot so bad, and Justice smith I really like it.By comparison, Hulu’s Love, Victor It was a show I wanted to grow up when I was a teenager.This show is the opposite GG — It’s happy, sweet, and positive. Shows like this inspire you.I really want to see GG It disappeared quickly — it’s the cruelest show on TV. — — Sean V

Matt Lausch: In most respects, I couldn’t agree with you anymore, but I’ll add moronic and paralysis to explain some of my own reactions.of review On last month’s show, they were some of the longest time I spent watching something on TV this year. The episodes seem endless (general streaming obstacles-the longer the shorter, the shorter), and in each episode the protagonist wages war, reconciles, and again, as if hypnotized on social media. It seems that he started to stab. -Influential demon. I wasn’t a big fan of the original, but I knew why CW’s core audience delved into the side of fulfilling that wish.I am new gossip Girl The point of diversity, but beyond that, it’s too toxic to my taste. I’m not far from their demographics, but the tasteless threshold is pretty high. And here’s the bad news. There are no signs that this is a one-time event.I’m completely hoping that HBO Max will update the series, but at least Hulu is much more comfortable Love, Victor I will go to the third one as well.

Should Young Sheldon now bank with his brother?

comment: I love Young Sheldon But I think it’s strange that a family with a three-bedroom house didn’t give their bedroom to the only girl. The two boys are quite late in sharing the room, which may be an interesting episode. It must have been part of an episode when Missy became a young woman. — — Linda

Matt Lausch: I think we moved from Wardrobe debate.. I’ve heard variations of this observation before, but I’ve always seen this as a situation where Sheldon and Missy grew up together as twins in the same bedroom, and they’re not to mention their gender, they It’s a different species that never forced the problem.And I’m sure the producers are enjoying the midnight scene in the meantime Ian Armitage And Raegan Revord is reluctant to fix what isn’t broken.

How do the rest of us get involved Schmigadoon! fun?

question: For those of us who don’t subscribe to streaming services because of the cost, it’s like potato chips that you can only eat one once you start. Schmigadoon! Will it eventually come to DVD or major networks? — — Pole

Matt Lausch: Whatever it means to the “major network” anymore (I think you mean free), it’s almost certainly not. These original works are dedicated to streaming platforms because they increase traffic and attract subscribers. You can sign up for enough time to see something intriguing and then unsubscribe. Recommended For it Schmigadoon!) Regarding the distribution of DVDs, what kind of transactions are being made between the production companies (Broadway Video and Universal TV in this case) and streamers in terms of when and under what titles these titles can be sold. Knowing what is out of my area of ​​expertise. That format. DVDs these days aren’t necessarily a growing industry, Schmigadoon! It’s a good bet because it has a cult appeal to musical comedy fans. Still, if you could download the video through Apple, it’s most likely the next step.

Is Freedom of Streaming Good?

comment: Seal team Is one of the few recent dramas I’ve been doing from the beginning. Claris Another intelligent and thoughtful show for adults. Imminent move to Paramount + Seal team, And hopefully Claris, Threatening to change these shows to something other than what attracted me in the first place.

A good example: One of the local PBS affiliates recently aired the original Season 2. Professor T.. I had a lot of fun because I decided to stream Season 1, but some of the unedited TV-MA content was pretty unpleasant. We hope PBS will broadcast the original edited Season 3, but there are no signs that plans are underway.Instead, there is a British remake Professor T, This is not as exciting as the original adaptation Call me cat, Attractive American adaptation Miranda.. Putting it all together, the tendency towards original streaming content often means a TV-MA rating. Does entertainment need the same horrifying elements found in real life on the battlefield and when investigating crime?If Seal team When Claris If you abandon the broadcast standard, there is no incentive to register with Paramount +. — — Tommy T

Matt Lausch: This is a very interesting point of view. Because from the creator’s point of view, the transition from broadcasting to streaming gives us much more freedom by portraying these different worlds more honestly from the five-act commercial break structure. .. This doesn’t necessarily mean accepting graphic violence, gender, or wording, but when a TV goes off the network, it always pushes some content out of the comfort zone. In some of these series, the broadcast network market has become so tolerant that the transition to streaming may be the only lifeline.I wish I had more hope Claris Despite the movement, those negotiations seem to be stalled, and the longer they go without updates, the darker the outlook.



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