An investor report from Remedy Entertainment hints at a new triple-A game in full production that may be the anticipated Alan Wake 2.

With a resume including the first two Max Payne games, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control, Remedy Entertainment is certainly no stranger to story-driven, stylish action games. With its most recent title, Control, having been first released in 2019, Remedy fans have patiently waiting to see what the developer has in store next. Many players have been wishing for a follow-up to the atmospheric horror-action title, Alan Wake, released in 2010 on PC and Xbox 360.

After teaming up with Microsoft and Xbox Game Studio’s for the aforementioned Alan Wake and then sci-fi shooter Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment joined up with publisher 505 Games for the critically acclaimed Control. Another flashy action shooter, Control was a success for the company having been played by over 10 million players. While 505 Games and Remedy have been pretty tight-lipped about their upcoming projects, a recently released report for investors has revealed some intriguing details about a possible Alan Wake 2.

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In the report posted to Remedy’s investor site, the company highlights its successes over the past two fiscal quarters and lays out its plans moving forward. It references an unnamed triple-A project made in collaboration with Epic Games of Fortnite fame. This project is rumored to be the much-anticipated sequel to Alan Wake, although this has not been officially confirmed. The title has now moved into full production.

The report also mentions several other games that are coming. Remedy has signed a co-publishing and development agreement with 505 Games for a multiplayer spin-off of Control. This project, codenamed Condor, is a 4-player co-operative title. Remedy and 505 are also looking to release another larger budget title in the Control universe. On top of all that, it is also working on project Vanguard, a free-to-play co-op game, another unnamed, smaller-scale single-player title, and assisting developer Smilegate with its competitive shooters, CrossfireX and CrossfireHD.

While all of these projects may sound like too much to take on, the success of Control has allowed Remedy to expand its team to 293 members. It’s also important to note in the case of CrossfireX and CrossfireHD, Remedy is taking more of a support role in development with Smilegate doing the primary work. Remedy has been consistent with its game releases, with Control coming only three years after 2016’s Quantum Break, so fans shouldn’t need to worry about the developer taking on more than it can handle.

Epic Games has been pushing hard for developers to use their storefront to help them build market share over Steam. Control was exclusively released on the Epic Games Store for a year on PC before it came over to the competing marketplace. With Epic Games and its extensive resources collaborating with Remedy on this new AAA project, fans may get to see Alan Wake 2 sooner than they think.

Alan Wake is available on PC and Xbox 360.

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