Ma.Ji.Co, a writer from a Catholic family who took part in various evangelical denominations, has completed his new book “El Legado ‘D’: Gracia, Herencia Y Justicia Tomo II”: an enthralling account that narrates how the church lost its path when several theses were affixed to the door of the church in the Wittenberg palace.

Ma.Ji.Co writes, “In the biblical context, we can see that the hand of man added its own conclusion to the purpose that God has bequeathed to men of faith.

During the introduction to Roman power, the goal was to manipulate these events through the Constantine line. An intention that opened the door for the interests of political power to conveniently intervene in the original writings by deforming their implicit.

The Roman Catholic Church established the individual feeling over the collective conscience, in supremacy as the only existing truth on earth, a dogmatic methodology that is achieved by blood and fire.

Later, with the arrival of the reformist Martin Luther, the church completely lost its way when the 95 theses were nailed on the door of the church in the Wittenberg palace. The phenomenon that in the future encourages the content in its entirety to be put up for sale in the separatism of the different denominations that emerge from this historical event. (The Protestant Reformation)

Religion in its methodology, failed. The church and Christianity in their endeavor to lead the divine word failed, pointing to a confused God in their opinion.

The individual in his bewilderment also fails, as a result of a falsified divine message, in a distorted and grotesque version.”

Published by Page Publishing, Ma.Ji.Co’s interesting study brings enlightenment to Christian readers, allowing them to understand the Church and faith itself. It examines subjects that brought impact to the condition of Christianity today.

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating and well-crafted work can purchase “El Legado ‘D’: Gracia, Herencia Y Justicia Tomo II” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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