Pipeline AZ, an Arizona career development and job skills exploration platform, will partner with the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), including Glendale Community College, on an approach to support students in achieving career goals while at the same time developing qualified workers for Arizona’s many industries.

This partnership aligns MCCCD’s field of interest course curriculum with Pipeline AZ’s career technology, resulting in improved opportunities for students to match their skills with their desired career path.

With the conclusion of a successful year-long pilot program, Pipeline AZ will white-label its platform and services to act as the singular career exploration and talent pipeline infrastructure for all of MCCCD’s 10 colleges starting this fall. Every MCCCD student will have access to customized career exploration tools and support through Pipeline AZ that brings together students seeking career opportunities and a range of Arizona employers. Students will also learn from the platform’s advanced insights about the exact skills, education, or certificates they need to reach career goals.

“The career journey can be an iterative and complicated process, and our priority is to help our students ultimately find success whether that be placement into a career or continued learning. Pipeline AZ will serve as the integrated technology tool for our entire district to be able to meet this priority for all students, no matter their background, skills, or career preferences,” MCCCD Interim Provost Eric Leshinskie stated in a news release.

With the official rollout of the MCCCD and Pipeline AZ partnership, students will be able to complete a user profile at mcccd.pipelineaz.com where they will take a skills assessment and identify various fields of interest. Upon completion of their profile, students will then have access to a variety of career exploration opportunities and information, including job shadowing, service learning, field experience, research, apprenticeship, further education, and other opportunities that match the student’s career goals.

“One of the largest gaps we have identified in workforce and talent development here in Arizona was having a singular place that both job seekers and employers can look to for new career opportunities and ideal job candidates,” Pipeline AZ Director Mary Foote stated. “Pipeline AZ aims to fill that gap by offering a single platform for institutions, students, and employers to connect and reduce fragmentation of the career development and hiring process.”

Pipeline AZ is an initiative of the Partnership for Economic Innovation, a collective of business and community leaders dedicated to accelerating Arizona’s economic opportunities. The work of Pipeline AZ is made possible in part by the Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority.