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In Washington’s latest response to the financial hub’s response to the worsening Covid outbreak, the United States has called on its non-essential employees and their entire family at the Shanghai Consulate to leave the consulate.

According to a spokesman for the embassy in Beijing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ordered a departure there “due to an ongoing Covid 19 outbreak.” “It’s best for  employees and their families to reduce their numbers and reduce their work to respond to changing conditions on the ground,” he said  Tuesday.

Washington’s latest move came after the State Department announced on Friday  that non-emergency personnel could voluntarily leave the Shanghai Consulate. It is not clear why these workers were required to leave the country within a few days. Blockade of Covid 19 at Shanghai epaselectepa09857432 On March 29, 2022, a woman is standing in  the blockade area of ​​Shanghai, China. In the revival of COVID19, the city of Shanghai  imposed a strict blockade. A complete blockade will hit the two largest areas of the city separated by the Huangpu River.

In the eastern part of the Huangpu River in the Pudong region, the blockade begins on March 28  and continues until April 1, while in the western Pudong, people are blocked from  April 1st to April 5th. EPA / ALEX PLAVEVSKI
“This is inhumane”: Zero Covid’s cost  in Shanghai

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China responded angry to the previous voluntary withdrawal order, saying Beijing was “extremely dissatisfied” and “resolutely opposed” to the U.S. “unfounded allegations” about China’s Covid policy. Stated.

Response to the recent Covid outbreak in Shanghai has become an international headline in recent weeks. But the most controversial of his practices was the separation of Covid-positive children from their parents.

Authorities are currently making some concessions, but the State Department pointed out the risk of parent-child separation in its announcement. Display

Shanghai on Tuesday reported 22,348 new asymptomatic coronavirus cases and 994 symptomatic cases on April 11, local governments said. The number of asymptomatic cases decreased from 25,173 the day before. The number of symptomatic cases increased from 914 to 4,444.

Strict blockades in China’s most populous city, home to nearly 26 million people, have also sparked a backlash from the population. In recent weeks, many patients have been dissatisfied with the lack of access to  medical  facilities. The story of food shortages urged citizens elsewhere in  China to rush to stockpile goods.

Due to the situation in Shanghai, the EU Chamber of Commerce has warned that China’s ZeroCovid strategy “damages the trust of foreign investors.” In a letter, she urged the Chinese government to change its approach by allowing Chinese people access to the mRNA vaccine and allowing people with mild symptoms to quarantine at home.  Video of people screaming in shanghai


Chen Zhengming, a professor of epidemiology at Oxford University, said Beijing seemed unable to adjust its Zero-COVID policy despite international pressure. “China



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